Fender Stratocaster 1967 Refurb

A much modified Strat which I have had since 1969,  Needs a long overdue refurb. 

Over the years I have rewired it several times now to put it back to how it should be.

67 Strat

Notice the two pickup selectors, these give a wide range of tones including the ability to have the neck & middle in series and to use the second tone as a volume control for the bridge pickup. All very well but not like an original strat.

In order to correct the specification mostley back to original it needs a rewire so while it is stripped down I decided to fix the few dings I accumulated over the years (I did drop it a lot)

The worst of the dings getting some attention.

The serial number indicates 1967 but the pickups are dated 5-2-1966. The USA date system makes it 2nd May 1966. The pots are even older, but this is not unusual as many parts were made well before they were actually used.

Leveling the frets and setting up the neck. (didn’t need much work)

Replaced the 3-position selector with a 5-position (still got the original 3 way)

All done

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