I have turned my attention to the bits that I have accumulated over the years. There are almost enough to make a guitar with a spare guitar left over. I have started using an old Ibanez body with a cheap tele like neck and some high power, low cost Strat pickups.

Cheap Tele like neck

Ibanez Body

Getting the frets level

Now the neck has been adjusted and the frets levelled. Putting it together, it looks OK

Body with neck

But what to call it, its a bit of a mix between Ibanez, Strat and Tele so what about the “IBANCASTER” 

Adding the logo

Logo done

All done and just needs to rest a bit before final tweaks.

The Ibancaster

The whammy mechanism is locked down tight, always a good idea with cheaper strat like trem systems.  Perhaps I could have used a better colour for the logo, make it stand out a bit more.