The Strelicaster Project

Is it a Tele or a Strat?

Strelicaster Body

Found this unusual Telecaster body with Stratocaster routing. This could be a project!

Bad fit

Hard to find a reasonable neck to fit the pocket.  This one just wasn’t quite right.

Body work

Meanwhile work on the body could continue. Decided to use a “Denim” look wood dye form Crimson Guitars.

Feeling Blue

A few coats later now for sealing and a polish. Takes days to achieve a good finish.


Looking a bit more like it

Making the neck fit

Had to modify the neck pocket a bit for a good neck I found.

It fits!

The neck now fits just a bit more work needed


All done, with my very own branding “Strelicaster” (not as easy as I first thought),  also should have used a better 5 way switch and after resting a while I think more work on the frets would improve the playability. I may do this work later, for now I need to play it.