Gibson Theodore

Here we are with a “new” “old” Gibson design, the Theodore.

What does that mean? Well this is a guitar shape that was designed, or at least sketched out, by Ted McCarty in March 1959 but it was never made. If you are into Gibson guitars you may have heard of Ted or Theodore McCarty (hence the name) who was a very innovative designer involved in guitars such as the ES series, Flying V, Explorer and many more icons of the brand.

This Custom Shop release comes in a choice of three finishes, Natural (as shown), Ebony and Cherry although the body is Mahogony not Alder as stated on the sketch. It has two P90 pickups, a Rosewood fingerboard with a 12″ radius, a three way selector and the usual Gibson Custom Shop quality finish. Take a look at the video with Joe Bonamassa below and try not to choke when you see the price.

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